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Re: News

Message par Touline » 06 juin 2017, 12:18

Une solution pour l'arti aussi serait top.
WEE, si tu reviens, j'annule tout.

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Re: News

Message par Empnicolas » 07 juin 2017, 15:14

À priori le patch d'équilibrage c'est pour la semaine prochaine.

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Re: News

Message par The_Reverend » 14 juin 2017, 17:17

Hello guys!

The first major update for Steel Division: Normandy 44, "And Justice For All", is now available!

Here's the massive changelog:

Key improvements:

Enhanced performance
Added new interface option: Text Size
Improved the Quick Play and Ranked games, which now allow to search for different game sizes at the same time (i.e: from 1vs1 to 4vs4)
Added four new music tracks
Increased the deployment phase time in 10v10 games, now 3 minutes instead of 2
Improved multiplayer menu navigation: players won't be kicked back to the main menu when failing to join a game
Improved deck building menu: double-click on a pack will add/remove it from the deck
Modified multiplayer disconnection condition, should now be limited to players with oldest computers. Please contact us if disconnection problems remain in multiplayer.


Fixed the displayed statistics in the "Favorite Units" board (starting from this patch - older and incorrect stats will not be taken into account)
Fixed the diplayed map size in the game list for games with Observer mode activated
Fixed a graphical glitch in Caumont L'Eventé map
Fixed a bug when the game sometimes froze when shutting down the game's window while in Observer mode.
Fixed gunners hands' position fixed on Königtiger(H), Pz IV Beo, SdkFz 251/2, SdkFz 251/16
Removed the sniper rifles ability to fire on the move
Fixed XP gain when surrendering
Fixed censored & uncensored hints on division leaders' hints
Fixed unit category availability in deployment menu when reinforcement arrows are lost
Fixed replays unlocking achievements
Fixed minor errors in French translation
Fixed "Smooth LOD transition" & "Dynamic Lights Quality" options, now properly saved
Fixed pathfinding in "Move Fast" mode on Pegasus map
Fixed the "Disable Weapons" button, now deactivated ALL weapons of the selected units
Fixed a connection error when the network cable is unplugged when launching the game (that means you can now plug the cable back when the game's launched and play online)
Anti-tank canons accuracy is now affected by stress

Single player campaign:

Improved single player HUD
Improved "compose your battlegroup" voice in the german missions 2 and 3
Improved the detection of the MG by the recon section in tutorial 4
Improved the persistance after the third German mission, captured and evacuated enemy supply trucks are now available for the fourth mission
Improved the 17.SS counter attack in the fourth American mission, now uses its Ju 87G
Fixed a rare bug that could prevent the "Destroy the 88s" objective from starting in the first US mission


Added specific campaign progress in modded game
Added an option to have mod automatically activated when relaunching game
Added localization database to mod folders
Added soundTag icon to ModCenter
Added Auto-refresh and manual refresh Mod list in the ModCenter
Added back mod rating in ModCenter

Balancing :


AAA now prioritize ground attack aircraft over fighters unless they are evacuating
Reduced recon planes price
Reduced supply trucks quantity in most divisions
Reduced HMG suppression at close range (lethality remains high, beware!)
Reduced Mortar crew ammunition loadout
Reduced HMG resilience:
-MG-34 : 5 -> 3
-MG-42 : 6 -> 4
-M1919 : 7 -> 3
-Vickers : 5 -> 4
-M2HB HMG : 6 -> 5


Increased 203mm observation post price to 140
Reduced 25pdr dispersion (sexton is affected)
Increased Universal carrier bren ammunition loadout from 180 to 300
Added Humber Mk.3's AP3's back
Reduced Humber Mk4 price from 80 to 75
Reduced Staghound AA price from 60 to 50
Increased M2HB sections price from 40 to 45


Reduced Daimler AC price from 80 to 70
Reduced Daimler little john price from 100 to 85
Increased Churchill Crocodile flamethrower ammunition from 40 to 100
Reduced Bren groups price from 15 to 10
Reduced Command carrier price from 20 to 15

6th AB

Increased Tetrarch turret speed (fast chassis + slow turret created problems)
Added 2 packs of 1 elite AB 6pdr in phase A

15th Scottish

Moved Recce with Humber Mk-3 from phase A to B
Reduced Churchill OP price from 140 to 120

Guard Armoured

Reworked Infantry tab (seeing by yourself will be faster)
Replaced Cromwell OP by a Sherman V OP available in phase B
Stuarts from phase A now come in packs of 5
Added 2 packs of 1 tempest in phase A
Increased Typhoon AT XP
Reduced M5 Half track price from 20 to 15
Removed Cromwell V from phase B, now available in two packs of 3 in phase A
Reduced Cromwell VII price from 140 to 120
Changed Cromwell VII availability from 1 pack of 3 to 2 packs of 2
Inverted Cromwells' AP and HE shells repartition
Reduced Sherman V price from 150 to 140 (command version unchanged)

3rd Canadian infantry

Staghound AA are now available in 2 packs of 4 veterans in A
Increased RAM II price from 120 to 140
Moved Tri polsten from phase A to B
Reduced Elite CMP tri polsten to a single pack
Increased Crusader AA Mk.2 availability from 3 to 4 per pack
A packs of 2 elite Crusader AA Mk.2 is available


Reduced M8 Greyhound price from 100 to 90
Reduced Ford GPA (OP and transport version) speed

3rd Armored

Reduced Sherman M4A3(75)W price from 160 to 150
Added 2 packs of 3 veteran M5A1 Stuarts in phase A
Reduced Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo side an rear armor ( 12->10 / 10 -> 9 )
Reduced Rosie the rocketeer price from 100 to 85

101st Airborne

Reduced M22 Locust price reduced from 70 to 65
Increased AB engineers price increased from 30 to 35 availability reduced to 1 packs of 4 rookies and 1 pack of 3 veterans
Increased Ford GPA OP price from 150 to 160
Increased M8 Scott availability from 3 to 4 per pack
Reduced 37mm gun availability by one per pack
Reduced Phase A P-51D mustang with 250lb bombs availability to 1 per pack
Increased Grasshopper veterancy to veteran

2nd Infantry

Increased RGR support price from 20 to 25
Increased RGR marauder price from 30 to 35


Added two packs of two Wolverines in phase B
Moved Sherman V OP from phase C to B
Increased Jeep Z NKM availability per pack from 3 to 5 in phase A, removed from phase B
Reduced Sherman V price from 160 to 150


Improved Flak 38 and Flakvierling efficiency
Added more realistic ammunition loadout on infantry
Increased IG18 stealth from bad to medium
Increased Scwimmwagen Beo (observation post) price from 130 to 140
Increased Panzerwerfer price from 110 to 120
Reduced Hs 129 B1 and Ju-87G AP from 12 to 9
Reduced Hs 129 B3 AP from 18 to 16

3. Fallschirmjäger

Panzer L6 :
-Reduced RoF, now fire bursts of 12 rounds
-Increased ammunition loadout to its IRL value of 396
-Increased price from 50 to 60
Increased Fs-Pionier price from 30 to 40
Reduced I.Pak 41 Gerlich in unarmed Kubel XP from Elite to veteran
Reduced I.Pak 41 Gerlich in Kubel MG availability from 3 to 2
Reduced Fs-Scharfschütze rate of fire from 10 to 8 RPM
Increased Fs-Scharfschütze ammunition loadout from 3 to 30
Replaced LW-Jäger lose one MG-42 and panzerfaust by faustpatrone with less accuracy
Increased Fs-AAA units veterancy to veteran
Increased LG42 XP by one step
Reduced 120mm mortar availability from 3 to 2 per pack

116th Panzer

Removed Ju-87G from phase A
Increased Panzer III M price from 105 to 110
Removed SPW 234/3 from phase B (they only had 3 IRL)
The Legend will never die : Une histoire , un classement et du chambrage. THE REVEREND alias Diamond Dave alias Kinetic


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